Romania – a charming new destination in our program

This year we managed to develop and test different itineraries and tours in neighbouring Romania and added this new destination to our program.

Our Natural History Tour will take you to explore the best of Romania’s wildlife and scenery, including the most spectacular birdwatching sites in the Danube Delta and Coastal Dobrogea, the picturesque gorges and twinkling lakes, the swaying hay meadows and endless forests of the Hargita and Southern Carpathian Mountains, with excellent chances to see Brown Bears and other rare European mammals, birds and plants. We will travel back in time as we pass through medieval landscapes, historical towns and castles, admiring the countryside and enjoying the tasty local food.

Romania not only harbours some of Europe’s most wonderful avifauna, but also hosts diverse wildlife, which make it a perfect destination for a comfortable and rewarding birding and photography tour. On our Spring Birding & Photography Tour we visit the Romanian Dobrogea, the Danube Delta and Southern Carpathian Mountains.

Spring may seem so far away, but it is our busiest season and our spring program is beginning to fill out. So, if you are thinking about visiting  Romania with us, please try to contact us as soon as possible.